My therapist is reducing me to one session per week !

If you are feeling tired today, you are not along. Today is this kind of day that it look like I did a lot of things, is almost ironic that before I started with my treatment to combat anxiety, it took me a whole week, or even twice that, to could do what I just did in a whole day.
Is like, with anxiety, all the time in the world is nothing, always to short, but, at the same time, when you have a panic attack, it seems to you that it last forever.
I have being going to my therapist, for the last year, two times per week. Since the last Friday I reduce it, actually she reduce it, to only one time per week. I do not know if, only one hour per week it is enough, but for the moment I will try with this.
I comment in post before, that I was going to reduce my xanax dosage, I talked this with my doctor and he is not happy with my decision, he told me that I should wait a little more and stay with the same dosage of Prozac too. He told me that may be in a month or two, we can go for a lower dosage, but is better to lower the dosage and still take it every 8 hours or so, instead of the 12 hours schedule that I wanted to try. He is the doc, so I will follow give on this, and will do the treatment as he told me.
I have been surfing on different forums about anxiety, I must recommend to do a search on the net about it, you can find a lot of good information and what is more important, other persons that are in the same boat with you, with the same anxiety problems and you can get help and also help other, there are a lot of people that are in much worst scenarios that you are, people who even think on suicide in a really way, even on my worst panic attack I did not think about this seriously.
Well, even so, please keep visit my blog daily, I am receiving a lot of emails ( well, around 4 per days, which is a lot for me 🙂 about people reading my blog, so thanks to all. Is really important to feel that you are something that can help , at least one person in this world.