Get Xanax every 8 hours or every 12 hours, what do you think ?

Today is a different day for me, I woke up and I forgot to get my Xanax, so now I am on the office without Xanax.
I can tell you that I am feeling the anxiety already, is not the strong anxiety that I used to have many years ago, but is the anxiety increasing inside me.
It look like even 12 hours passed since my last dosage of alprazolam, I am still getting some xanax left on my blood, cause I am still feeling some effect, or may be I am getting better, even without Xanax, may be I can tolerate it more.
So I am thinking about taking my dosage of Xanax every 10 hours ( or even every 12 hours ) instead of the normal 8 hours between dosage schedule that I use. What do you think about it ? should I try it ? If you have an idea, you can drop me a private message here or just send me an email that you can find on the contact us link in my homepage.
Right now my schedule is every eight hours I take 0,5mg of Alprazolam, that is 2 full mg per day of Xanax. With this dosage I can sleep good at night and also keep awake during the day, so it is the perfect way to use it, at least for me. I was even thinking about reducing the dosage to 0.25 mg instead of the 0,50 mg , but as an alternative I can take every 12 hours, so at the end of the day will be the same total dosage.
I also noted that I feel better the alprazolam if I take it with food, also is a lot easier to not forget the dosages I should take every 8 hours or so, also is not as important as is an antibiotic to be takes every 8 hours , I am a kinda obsessive so I even put an alarm, on my ipod, to always get xanax on time.
Well, hope you enjoy my daily blog as I am doing well I write it, I am not a professional writer so sorry if is not so good or if I make some errors, but I tried my best and may be it can help you to deal with the anxiety too. And remember to get your xanax of the day 🙂 .