New girlfriend and Xanax.

Well, let it a girlfriend is even harder than been let. I have passed too many times the second thing, but I never let a girlfriend before, I simple do not well for that. I really feel bad about it, but I guess that can take that decision is a good thing, and I must say that Alprazolam and all the therapy treatment, it gave me a lot of help to calm me down and can think. With the anxiety, take this decision is simple impossible, is not like I am not feeling anxiety, but I have a normal level, the one that not sick person feels, do not get me wrong, have none feeling is also really bad and get too much Xanax to do not feel anything at all is nothing good, and must not be done. Being a zombie is not my idea, the lower dosage to could take is the best you can do, the right dosage of Xanax will let you to have all your thought clear and have your mind up to can take decisions.

Now, I am alone, but I do not feel the anxiety that used to bring me that, of course it help a lot have abnormal social back again. With friends is a lot more easier, of course, that without having panic attacks I can go a lot more to public places and talk with other persons which also means know a lot of girls, so may be, some time, I will get a new girlfriend, for now , I am feeling happing how the things went. I also talked this with my therapist and he is very proud of me, I must say that I am happier than ever with my life, even that I feel bad because I mess her, I have the peace inside of me to could be alone and in peace.

Get xanax every day , is a must in my life, like now is a must to go out and meet other persons, is all part of the therapy to bring my life back, before I ever knew what it was a panic attack. I have been looking for this kind of life since almost 5 years ago, now I even take classes of piano, and I am starting to get a degree on marketing to get a better position in my work place.

Another thing that became really important to me, it was getting a routine, even if I get xanax at every time each day, it bring me a placebo effect, I need a routine to feel comfortable and without the daily anxiety that I used to have not so many years ago.