Anxiety causes and treatments

Anxiety is typically defined as a feeling of unease or nervousness regarding anything. However anxiety as a psychiatric disorder is defined as ‘a nervous disorder marked by excessive uneasiness and apprehension’ or ‘the strong desire to do something, or for something to happen.’
It’s pretty common nowadays to find a person who suffers from an anxiety disorder, but it’s just as rare to find someone that actually medicates, because they have anxiety.
Seeing as how it’s a mental disorder instead of a physical one, anxiety is considered by some to be an ‘overreaction’ or an opportunity to seek attention. However, as the world is progressing, we see more and more different studies coming up, regarding how it can affect the brain and body of a person, and because of them many people have started to accept it as a proper illness that can be treated with medication.
The problem then lies in the people that actually have this condition. Anxiety is not just the sensation of being overeager for something to happen and not being able to contain it. It is not mildly worrying over your test results. Anxiety is a disorder that can lead to panic attacks and the people that are undergoing it, are the only ones that can truly understand the mental torture that they are consistently under, every minute of every hour of every day.
So, to overcome this, researchers have found some chemical combinations work better at calming the nerves of a person than others, and one of these combinations is a pill named Xanax.
Now there are different types of anxiety disorders and they include but are not limited to the following

1)Panic Disorder.

A person that has this might experience pain suddenly and without any real cause or reason apart from the fact that their body feels the necessity to be fearful. The person in question might start having chest pains, start sweating uncontrollably and generally the people suffering through this will feel that they have trouble breathing and feel as though they are having a heart attack.

2) Social Disorder.

While this might also be referred to by some people as ‘social awkwardness’ it is slightly different. A person that has the social anxiety disorder will be overwhelmingly worried and be unapologetically self-conscious about everything they do, especially if it is in front of anyone other than themselves.
Quite a lot of types of anxiety can be treated by therapy and medication but the thing about the medication is that it should be handed out by a professional. It needs to be, as brand names like Xanax, as mentioned above, have serious effects on the person’s mental and biological processes.
They should always be prescribed by mental health professionals after informing them of any other medicines that are being taken by the sufferer as different types of medicines when mixed together can lead to disastrous effects.